Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Let's Start Talking About LIFE! : All About High School!

I'm currently a student in SMA Negeri 1 Tangerang, Jalan Daan Mogot No. 52, Tangerang.

Well, I'm a senior now, having about 5 months left in my High School period.

This is sad. I'm about lo leave the what-so-called 'Masa terindah ya masa-masa SMA'. What people call as the best time of your life, High School period.

Where friendship, love, togetherness, struggle, fights, and everything are emphasized beautifully.
So rare, bitter-sweet, memorable, but can't be repeated.

I used to like this quote I made on my own : "Banyak cara orang memperlakukan kenangan. Tapi yang paling mulia adalah, mencoba mengulangnya lagi, supaya ia baharu dan tidak hilang."

In English : "There are many ways of people treating memories. But the most glorious way is, trying to repeat it again, so it becomes new and doesn't disappear."

How? How to repeat it?

I'm regretting every nice memory that should have been recorded.
Oh, how I'm afraid of losing laughters and forgetting hilarious moments in senior high school.
I'm afraid of losing and forgetting every habit I did with my friends in senior high school.
I'm afraid of losing and forgetting every incredible moment that I never want to ever forget.

Even the simplest thing like holding hands with friends to toilet. Or laughing out loud no matter where we are.
Or being awkward at the first time, then doing some ice-breaking, and everything suddenly starts to match yourself.

I never want to forget.

How if I wanna experience all those things again? But then I'm gonna be desperate because I can't?
How if I wanna rush in to school corridor with my cute uniform, knocking the class door with everyone already in, and I become totally embarrassed because I'm late so my friends tease me "Dasar yang punya sekolah! School owner yaa?" but I gotta keep walking and greet my teacher, then look for a place to sit... But I can't do it all ever again?

I am someone who really hates farewell. Really hate to face everything after the farewell. Hate to see if everything is not in the way they usually be. Hate to feel sad because I can't repeat everything I've said my goodbye to.

But I'm also the one that may forget so easily.

That's why... I'm afraid I can't remember it when I want to.

So, from this time on, I'm gonna re-arrange all the memories I haven't forgotten about High School.
I'm gonna write them here. Everything I could remember, about High School.
I'm not gonna let go of everything. At least I want to REPEAT everything by later reading the posts I've made here.

This is maybe the most glorious way to treat my memories.
About me and you in SMANITRA 54 :)

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