Sabtu, 29 September 2012

DEBATE : Being a Senior... And also a Chief

Being senior is ok and fun, but what about being a chief?

Even being senior itself has given me some moral burden for the next smanitra's generation.
How could I be the chief?

The first thing is that I'm selected as one of the candidates for being DLC's chief. Seniors personally have 1 candidate, and since there are 3 seniors, so they propose 3 candidates, who are :

ka tian --> me
ka rani --> Rheza
ka rakhma --> Regina

Firstly, I personally think that Sabeth deserves to be the chief more than anyone of us... You know the sense of leading, she has it... But God whyyyyy

Secondly, why did ka tian choose me. I seldom be with him in a team, I'm still wondering why he, as the previous chief, chose me.

And the elected one is me.... by just 1 margin difference -___-
I hope that the last vote was for regina, but it was actually for me....

I'm a melancholy kind of person. I want everything to be perfect thus I often sacrifice myself for the perfection I expected. I less expect people who seem unwilling to do anything. Instead of forcing them to do their task, I do their task. It's a big problem for a leader, who has no firmness at all .___.

But I know it can be changed and it must be. So I learn everyday, how to be a good leader and make good decisions as well. How to train juniors, how to cooperate with other in developing our DLC better.

I've passed 2,5 months being a leader, and omg it's desperately tiring... morally and physicly.
I must sacrifice my score in physics because I have to manage those juniors who want to compete so I skipped studying for the exam on the following day... And many more. Luckily DLC has a very wise coach who has helped us a lot in some frustrating situations.

Give me strength, God. And give me supports, friends. I'm  really nothing without You =)

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