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DEBATE : Congratulations, the newly elected President! Miss Zaneta :)

Welcome to the final round of leadership period of Miss Grace.
To open the self-debate, I call upon the speaker, myself.

*prok prok prok*

The first time I was chosen, I thought I would be experiencing hard time afterwards.
But in fact... well yeah I was :(

It's kinda tiring, when the following day, you're going to have a physics test, but that day, you still have a task to do as the commander : to arrange teams up like how many teams from DLC will compete, who will be in that team, and you have just one night to make it up due to registration deadline.
How frustrating it was when the next day, you were just able to answer 15 questions from 25 questions.
And without any doubt, I got 56. from 100.
But I have no-one to blame, as I myself have committed myself to this task, and yet I always hesitated to ask for help.
(I have given a code to someone that implicitly asks for help, but it doesn't work ._.v)

When I do something, I know I have to do the best. But unfortunately, there comes a time when you don't even know what is the point of doing the best alone, by yourself, when it's actually not for yourself but for the whole people. Why should I do my best? I can do just normally right, and if they beg for perfectness, they could do something too so we will give the best together.
But things aren't that easy.

At first, it's hard. But as the time goes by, you'll know the point of doing the best.
Achievements that make yourself proud of your best work.
Trophies come, and so do our pride. It rises.

When teaching newbies later give you 2 trophies, unexpectedly.
When arranging teams later gives them, the team member, affection as a new family one another.
When 2 years learning debate later gives you new sisterhood, new brotherhood, new things that you can always smile at. Even laugh at.

I'm not trying to prove that everything will give a payback. I'm telling you about how hardwork will never remain useless if you see the results from every side.
It's maybe your social life, your sense of leadership, your brand new ideas of life, your name written on indodebaters, or anything else.
For me, it's irreplaceable, unforgettable, and highly valuable.

I will miss how I'm chasing for vice president's of SMAN 1 Tangerang's signature on the paper to hold a practice in a classroom.
I will miss hurrying friends up to gather for a practice.
I will miss collecting the photos, student cards, and everything to register for a competition.
I will miss taking care of dispensation letter, publishing upcoming competitions through bbms sms and tweets.
I will miss discussing with friends and coach about how things should be done, and maybe more that just talking, but debating even about unnecessary things.

However, I have to move on, right? ;)
I'm gonna do other complicated things such as preparing myself to enter my favorite university, study study and study.
But it doesn't mean I'm not gonna do what I've ever done anymore.
You may not move, but the ideas are still there.
I'm not done with you, haha! :p

But in the end,

The bloody crown, but also the happiness gown,
which I'm wearing on,
have to be given to the next generation's leader,
Congratulations, new president of Debating Land Community of SMANITRA, aka DeLaCosta, aka DLC :)
I'm looking forward to DLC's new unbelievable trophies :D

:") --> :D

Thanks for the memories!

Thank you for the self-debate. Let's give a round of applause.

*prok prok*

I hereby close this round.

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