Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Let's Start Talking About LIFE! : JHS Friends

Dear junior high school friends.

I miss laughing with u and feeling free for a moment, that always happens every time you're all by my side. I miss the way we sang loudly, and so every one that heard it will know how valuable it is.

Even if we cry, I know it's because we're afraid to lose each other. Even if we fall, I know it's because we're worried to much if only one of us fall. We were trying to act the maturest we can to help each other. We were fighting for something together. None will fail if another succeed.

I can't say how I miss the moments, the minds, the talks, the acts, the pure faces toward each other. When we were innocent and did not know where to go. When what we see is always rainbow, and rain is just a short bridge for another beautiful color.

We walked to nothing but we were sure that we'll find something.

And those are impossible to get again. Even if we now gather again and do the exact same things, I don't think it'll be the same. I miss you and I can meet you, but however we lost our innocent ones.
Something impossible to get again.

I can't say nothing but I miss you and I wanna hug you again. I wanna be with you and have u appeared in front of me every day.
Like we were family in school.

Sincerely, junior high school friends.

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